Escapade to North Weald

Elmcroft Guest HouseComing from Brussels on Eurostar, I was met by Terry at Ebbsfleet railway station in Kent and we continued by car to Essex. Terry had arranged our accommodation at Elmcroft Guest House near Epping. This was the superb B/B house run by the friendly Des and is ideally located not far from North Weald aerodrome which was the highlight of our reunion. (Click on photos to enlarge). Continue reading

Return to Mons

m_IMAG0041BEADuring the week of 7 July 2014 I was visiting Belgium. One of my appointments was to meet-up with a friend and colleague, Dave, from our illustrious past. We both served in the Royal Air Force and worked together in the Middle East (45 years ago) as well as in Belgium (42 years ago). In service life it is not that common that colleagues should be sent to the same place twice. (Click on photos to enlarge). Continue reading

Demons Unleashed

Southeast Missouri State UniversityI have taken a long time before writing my first blog for 2014. I was waiting for some inspiration and took my time to assess the goings-on in Paradise. The verdict is that the year has started badly for Paradise. In the space of 3 months there has been a spate of murders. Continue reading